Blindingly Bright Military-Grade Flashlight—Your Best Defense in the Modern Age of Terror!

Danger lurks in every dark alley. Are you prepared? Whether you’re walking the city streets or hiking the back country, threats to your safety are everywhere. At any moment, you may need to defend yourself from wild animals, criminals, or dangerous terrain.

With knife and gun control laws stricter than ever, self-defense weapons are not always practical. Luckily, there’s a readily-available, easy-to-use, and more effective option— the tactical flashlight!

The Ubertorch is a tactical flashlight like no other, trusted by law enforcement, survivalists, and self defense experts around the world. Using modern LED technology, military-grade materials, and an intuitive design, this innovative multitool will help you take on the world.

In these dark and dangerous times, the Ubertorch is a beacon of hope!

Multiple Functions, Endless Applications

The Ubertorch is nothing like the cheap plastic flashlight in your closet. This modern tactical torch is loaded with advanced features that can handle the toughest tasks and keep you safe from almost any threat.

It features three brightness settings and can reach a staggering 700 lumens of blinding light! Use the simple one-button system to active SOS or Strobe mode for emergencies and self defense situations. The unique telescopic shaft allows you to focus the beam with a 1X-2000X zoom for surgical precision.

Military-Grade Strength

The Ubertorch is made to the same standards as tactical flashlights carried by the U.S. Marine Corps, coastguards, firemen, and law enforcement personnel. State-of-the-art LED technology provides this compact and covert device with the power of a lighthouse.

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Ubertorch is practically bomb-proof, but still light enough for comfortable everyday carry. Thanks to the telescopic shaft, it collapses down to a compact size and fits discreetly in your pocket. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, light is always within reach.

“This flashlight could save your life!”

Never Before Has a Flashlight Had so
Many Applications:


If you find yourself lost or hurt in the deep dark woods, a tactical flashlight may be your only chance for rescue. With a 700-lumen beam and automatic SOS signal, the Ubertorch is built for high-visibility and emergency communication. At full power, the beam can be seen up to two miles away!

Self Defense

Criminals and wild animals are no match for a burst of pure blinding light. A sustained blast from the Ubertorch’s Strobe light will stagger any would-be attacker and leave them isoriented for minutes to come, giving you enough time to escape or take the upper hand.

Outdoor Exploration

From hunters to hikers, a tactical flashlight is an essential tool for any outdoorsman. The Ubertorch’s three levels of light output allow you to dial up the illumination to best suit your surroundings. With the zoom function, you can focus the light exactly where it’s needed, without scaring off your prey or alerting nearby predators.

Where to Buy

The Ubertorch is available exclusively through our company website. Get yours by clicking here.

Carry Peace of Mind at all Times

  • Shine a light on crime and walk the streets in comfort
  • Explore the great outdoors without fear of losing your way
  • Brighten up the night sky and send a signal that can be seen from miles away